Organisations  and  projects

Below you can find  a small list of organisations that are working for the conservation of elephants and other wildlife:




Future For Elephants




Outreach to the public, information dissemination, political/strategic work, support of projects on the ground


Pro Wildlife



Wildlife conservation and animal protection, politically and on site


GMFER - Global March for Elephants and Rhinos


Organising public marches against Extinction in more than 100 cities in the world every year. Taking action to stop the poaching of elephants and rhinos and end the trade in ivory and rhino horn.


EAL - Elephant Action League



Conservation by investigating wildlife criminals. Undercover operations to expose traffickers.


eia - Environmental Investigation Agency



Campaigning organisation that produces primary evidence and analysis of problems and builds lasting alliances, and policies to implement solutions.


Action for Elephants UK



A grass-roots group working to help stop the slaughter of elephants and ensure their survival as a species.





Elephant protection. Support of DSWT project. Using lectures and public relations in order to increase awareness.



In Africa:


Elephant Aware Masai Mara



Effective protection of a conservancy in cooperation with local communities.

DSWT - The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


Kenya, UK, USA


Orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program as well as habitat protection in Kenya.



Kenya, UK, USA

iworry is a campaign created by DSWT to protect elephants by raising awareness of the threats facing the survival of the species.


Big Life Foundation


Anti-poaching units in Kenya and Tanzania. Community work to prevent human-wildlife conflict.




Of course there are numerous further organizations that are doing fundamental work for elephants and other wildlife, such as: WildAid, Born Free, HSI, IFAW, FFW Foundation Franz Weber, Rainforest Rescue, Robin des Bois, Elephants DC, Sauvez Les Elephants d'Afrique, Verein der Elefantenfreunde/Switzerland, and many more.


One of the important animal protection organisations in Germany is Animals United.


Please note that no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the a.m. information. In case you want to support one of the a.m. NGOs financially, please check it carefully from your side.