About Me

 With the Presidential Elephants of Zimbabwe, 2013. The Lady on the right is tuskless Cathy, the matriarch of the C-family.



It started in 2005 when I fostered an elephant orphan that lives in Kenya. Subsequently I regularly received information not only about the elephant orphans but about the general situation of the elephants in Africa, too. Some years later, during my first trip to sub-Saharan Africa, I experienced the wilderness in the national parks with all the animals that can still live there in the dignity of their freedom. This experience had a lasting effect on my relationship to animal protection and species conservation. I started to get involved in elephant conservation and wrote first texts and articles on this subject.


The Poaching Crisis

Over the years there were more and more news about rampant poaching in Africa the most upsetting peak of which was the slaughter of more than 600 elephants in Cameroon's Bouba N'djida National Park by a criminal gang with high-tech weapons in February  2012.


When the CITES parties convening in Thailand in March 2013 did not lend decisive international support to act consistently against the illegal ivory trade which is the driving force behind poaching, me and many people worldwide were shocked about the passivity of politics  in the face of such a desperate emergency situation. The first 'International March for Elephants' was born in 2013. Organising one of these marches for me was the entrance to more intensive work for the elephants.


Work for the Survival of Elephants

Since then I am trying to help the elephants in different ways. Some of them can be seen on this website. I am convinced that elephants can, if at all, be saved by politics only. Therefore the work I am doing in my spare time on an honorary basis is aimed at  politics and comprises public relations work in various ways. I am happy to be able to often cooperate with organisations and dedicated people who do important and excellent work for elephants.


During my visits to renowned elephant projects in Africa and to elephant events in Europe I got in touch with well-known elephant experts and dedicated conservationists. The new, fundamental experiences during my stay in Johannesburg at the CITES conference in 2016 were also very important for me.


With this website I want to make available information and suggestions to all those who are interested in the survival of the elephants so that they can help them effectively. I would like to thank everybody in advance who gets involved !