For The Giants

The website For The Giants is dedicated to the wonderful, charismatic elephants, the grey gentle giants whose further existence is threatened by human's greed for their ivory and other parts of their body.


Poaching, trophy hunting and increasingly more human settlements in their habitats are putting such a pressure on the animals that we have to reckon with their complete extinction within the coming 15 years - unless mankind makes every effort to ensure their survival. To achieve this, enormous political efforts, vast public-oriented activities, and urgent measures in countries with elephant populations are necessary.


This website shall provide you with all the information you need to get involved and help to save elephants from extinction. It supplies basic information about elephants as well as knowledge and facts about the situation and how it got to this point. And primarily it should furnish you with inspiration and ideas for your own activities.


Start right away, so that future generations can still see the majestic giants roam the savannahs of Africa.




Editorial Note:

As English is not my mother tongue, please excuse if the english language on this website  might sound a bit strange  to you if you are a native speaker. In all cases I hope I could make myself understood.